Robert Zent Testimonial Image

Robert Zent

AGE: 32 yrs
LOCATION: Dallas, Texas, USA


I bought the program back in December 2020 but didn’t commit until April of 2021. I started doing just 1 session a week on top of my regular training regiment (level 1) I increased it to twice a week in May and will up to 3 days a week in July. I will continue to add another day or two with the months also with starting to incorporate multiple rounds along with eventually going to level 2. I figured level 1 work needs to be “easy” to get through and it’s getting more and more that way. I’m giving myself a 2-year goal to have an OAHS 5-10 seconds on both arms. I viewed this as a long-term goal hence the progressions of safely building up while it not detracting from my regular yoga practice. I’ve noticed a rather large increase in my strength and stamina in my regular 2 arm handstand practice in the short few months. Everything just feels better and stronger.

Today for the first time in class with some free HS playtime (away from the wall) I decided to do some OAHS exercises for fun. I was so pleasantly surprised at some of the things that were difficult on the wall not too long ago. Just did weight transfer side to side coming onto 5 fingertips along with shoulder taps. The fact that I was able to get somewhere like 4-10 reps with each attempt with what felt like decent control put the biggest smile on my face.

I love this program. The growth is becoming very visible and I can’t wait to keep working on it more and more as the months and years come!


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