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Handstand Basics

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Handstand Basics is our Beginner Handstand Training Program designed to help take you from the very first time you go upside down right up to balancing a 2-minute Freestanding Handstand in multiple shapes.

Welcome to our Basic Online Handstand Program! Our program features 150 carefully curated exercises designed to help beginners and intermediate students master the art of handstands, and build strength, balance, and flexibility.

Our program is divided into 4 levels, each comprising of exercises that gradually increase in difficulty. With clear instructions and instructional videos, you’ll learn how to kick up into a handstand, hold a stable position, and come down safely.

We provide exercises to improve flexibility, balance, and body awareness, which are essential for achieving a successful handstand. Additionally, our program includes tips on avoiding common mistakes and staying motivated throughout your handstand journey.

Whether new to handstands or an experienced enthusiast, our Basic Online Handstand Program is perfect for achieving your goals. Sign up now to start your handstand journey!


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Handstand Basics
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