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Andrii Bondarenko

My name is Andrii BONDARENKO and if you’re reading this you’re already one arm in the upside-down world with me.

People started to pay attention to me because I wasn’t afraid to be myself and I didn’t try to copy anyone. I wanted to show the world who I am using my passion for Handstand. I wanted to take handstand to a different level stretching the limits of what people thought was possible.

I wanted to make handstand art. Every time I would do something I would add some small details, artistic flourishes, my own movement signatures. Adding a little piece of myself to each Handstand creating my own unique style.

This is the part of Handstand that I want to pass onto you. So believe in yourself. Listen to your body, be creative, be yourself and find your own style. You can be inspired by people but don’t try to be a copy!

So put your arms on the floor and start to see the world upside down with me...

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My Story.

Find Your Balance

"Andrii performed in Cirque du Soleil's KURIOS as a principal acrobatic character, performing a mesmerising acrobatic solo act of hand balancing on chairs."

The beginning is usually the hardest part, it’s hard to tell how much you have to train, because it’s very individual.

I can tell you the more you train from the beginning. The easier, more consistent and confident your Handstand will be in the future. The foundations are gold and they lay down the structure that all your training is built on!

I am always challenging myself to learn new skills, transitions or combinations. The beauty of Hand Balancing is there is always something new to learn. This is what will keep you motivated and passionate to keep striving.

Push yourself always trying to improve. Because PERFECTION HAS NO LIMITS! And there is no finish line to your Handstand Journey.

Andrii performing a straight One Arm Handstand

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