Miki Toth Testimonial Image

Miki Toth

AGE: 23 yrs
LOCATION: Budapest, Hungary


The program is a whole other world, among other programs you can find around the globe. The difference in Andrii’s program is, that you can feel the professional knowledge he tries to spread for all the people.
The program’s structure is easy to understand, straightforward with instructions, and very progressive. The workouts are awesome and killer also. I already feel improvement after the first week, and can’t wait to dive into the second week.
One of my best decisions was to buy this one-arm handstand program. It helps people who struggle with their OAHS journey, and trust me, all of the people you can trust Andrii’s instructions. He is a one-in-a-million guy, super friendly and helpful, just like his team.
Also about the program, the videos are understandable and of high quality. You can watch every one of them from a different angle, which can be a game-changer.
I’m practicing OASH for 2 years but got stuck for half a year. This program got me out of this struggle period in the first week, soo I’m so thankful!!

Keep up your amazing work guys!!


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