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Kat Sproule

AGE: 39 yrs
LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia


1. What was the main problem with your Handstand training before you bought our online program?
Getting my kick up to handstand consistently.
2. What results did you get from our program?
I consistently get to handstand about 90% of my attempts.
3. What exactly did you like most about our program?
I like that there are so many different programs.
4. Why would you recommend this to someone who might be on the fence?
It’s a really good and easy-to-follow program that you can train anywhere.
5. What was the main concern that would have prevented you from buying this, and what put your fears to rest?
I wasn’t sure if it would be very good to train without a coach correcting me, but I found the exercises were explained well and I understood what to aim for when doing them.
6. If you were to recommend our program to your best friend, what would you say?
Definitely “Great value, there’s so much content and it’s easy to follow”
7. What made you choose our program over anything else you could have done?
Andrii is one of the best hand balancers and it’s always good to learn from someone you look up to.
8. What are the three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of buying the program?
“I now have consistency in my handstand, better strength/control, and the ability to correct and save most handstands”.
9. What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about the program?
Plenty of content and different levels once you progress


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