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Kat Carpenter

AGE: Uknown


I love your program, it’s so well made and it’s an honor to be able to learn from such an incredible high-quality artist, I have purchased other programs before but yours is just another level!! You are the best of the best 🙂 Thank you!!

I started with the beginner program as I have some experience with drills on the wall but I still don’t have a freestanding handstand.
Because I have an anterior pelvic tilt I find it hard to do the alignment part, I struggle so much to tuck my pelvis. I don’t know if you have any recommendations for APT people.

I saw in the facing down foam roller body shaper drills you say to place the foam roller or yoga blocks just above the knee but in the video, it looks like it’s just under the knee? I tried both and the block above the knees is better for me. Also, it feels more possible if I elevate the shoulder just a little bit more, is it ok to do it? I attach a picture of my struggle! I am happy to keep practicing.
Maybe one day when I get better I will try one to one coaching together.


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