Irena Vrbova Testimonial Image

Irena Vrbova

AGE: 46 yrs
LOCATION: Czech Republic


I came across Andrii Bondarenko during the covid lockdown. I had more time for myself and I found (somewhere inside me) dreams from childhood. I loved cirque and I wanted to become an artist. I have been a sportswoman for whole my life…but when I saw his video I wanted to know more about him.

I am 46 now. I know that my body does not allow what kids’ bodies can do. But never mind. I bought an online handstand course from Andrii and I have to say:

I did not expect what comes to my life!

It is not just a handstand. It is the philosophy of life. I can work on my mind, on my emotions but do not forget my body. It is part of it. I do not like online stuff but his course is something different. Maybe because he is with you even if he is on PC board. And this is the philosophy…


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