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Program Overview

1. 3 Different levels.

2. 90+ Unique exercises
3. 9 Full length workouts
4. Detailed warm-up program

Each level contains a detailed program broken down into a weekly schedule of workouts for you to follow. There are 90+ unique exercise videos each with detailed instructions on performance and key points to focus on.

Handbalancing is an art, not a science

The program gives you a detailed outline of the training required to develop a One Arm Handstand. That being said everybody's journey will be different. As much as we would like it to be progression is not always linear, there will be lots of twists and turns along the way. What this program does is help define a framework that has consistently helped my students achieve phenomenal results.

So what are you waiting for join me in the Upside Down!

Reach the Pinnacle of Hand Balancing.

I developed my Online Handstand Training Programs to help people discover what is possible with their Handstand Training. With consistent dedicated practice using the right exercises and techniques you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”


90+ Different Handstand exercise tutorials with detailed explanations and tips.


9 Unique workouts to follow with comprehensive weekly schedules that are going to get you results.


Training for every space at a time that suits your lifestyle. Available on all your devices with mobile-friendly formatted videos.

Handstand Basics

USD $299

USD $125


Handstand Bundle Program information graphic

It is the ultimate Handstand Training Program on the planet. Get access to all 3 Handstand Programs for the encyclopedia on how to master the art of hand balancing.

Suitable for beginners to advanced, you will be taken on a journey of self-discovery, building, improving, and empowering your mind and body.

This training bundle will test your ability to endure the repetitive nature of training, breaking mental and physical barriers.


Miki Toth Testimonial Image

Miki Toth

AGE: 23 yrs
LOCATION: Budapest, Hungary


The program is a whole other world, among other programs you can find around the globe. The difference in Andrii's program is, that you can feel the professional knowledge he tries to spread for all the people. The program's structure is easy to understand, straightforward with instructions, and very progressive.
Robert Zent Testimonial Image

Robert Zent

AGE: 32 yrs
LOCATION: Dallas, Texas, USA


I bought the program back in December 2020.I've noticed a rather large increase in my strength and stamina in my regular 2 arm handstand practice in the short few months. Everything just feels better and stronger. I love this program.
Irena Vrbova Testimonial Image

Irena Vrbova

AGE: 46 yrs
LOCATION: Czech Republic


I came across Andrii Bondarenko during the covid lockdown.I bought an online handstand course from Andrii and I have to say: I did not expect what comes to my life!It is not just a handstand. It is the philosophy of life.
Daniel and Ainara Testimonial Image

Daniel and Ainara

AGE: Unknowns


So far your training has been very helpful. Appreciate all the effort you put into the program, it is very detailed. Looking forwards to keep training with you, and hopefully in person someday.
Rhyanna Watson Testimonial Image

Rhyanna Watson

AGE: 37 yrs
LOCATION: Switzerland


The training that Andrii provides is amazing. It reminds us how Rome was not built in a day and nor was any skill we learn such as handstands. However, with discipline and the right foundations and skill training, anything is possible.
Oleg Testimonial Image

Oleg Baranovsky

AGE: Uknown
LOCATION: Australia


So far I like your program. I like all the various exercises you included there. They are very nicely structured with a fast warm-up, stretching, core, and balance routines. Particularly the way you have beginner and advanced options for various movements.
Kat Carpenter Testimonial Image

Kat Carpenter

AGE: Uknown


I love your program, it's so well made and it's an honor to be able to learn from such an incredible high-quality artist, I have purchased other programs before but yours is just another level!!
Kat Sproule Testimonial Image

Kat Sproule

AGE: 39 yrs
LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia


Andrii is one of the best hand balancers and it's always good to learn from someone you look up to. the program is great value, there's so much content and it's easy to follow"

Frequently Asked Questions

how quickly will i get access ?

Upon completion of sign up and payment, you will have instant access to the Handstand One Program.

Can I access on my mobile ?

The program is available across all of your devices. My program has been specifically designed to look great no matter what your viewing choice.

Is it for Beginners ?

The Online Programs has been designed to accommodate all levels of Handstand. Whether you are an experienced Hand balancer or just trying your first Handstand. With regressions and progressions, there is programming to take you from absolute beginner to advanced Handstand practitioner.

can i get personal coaching ?

For those people that are looking for more than just a program. The Ultimate Package contains access to the Handstand One Program + 10 hours of 1 on 1 Online Coaching. Total value is$1250 USD. This is the Ultimate Package to help you to reach your Handstand goals. What are you waiting for? Join me in the upside-down.


Peoples rate of progress through the program will be highly individual. Training background, previous handstand experience and starting strength and flexibility are all factors that will affect the rate of progress. Everybody’s journey is different but in general you will get out what you put into your training.

Is it a one-time payment

Yes, no monthly subscriptions, just a one-time payment that gives you full access to the program along with any future updates. We believe this is the best value Handstand Programs available anywhere. With over 140+ Exercise videos and tutorials, the program is packed with content. If you have ever wanted to learn Handstand this is the program for you.

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