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Handstand One Program

learn secrets from cirque

$250.00 USD

Andrii is an amazing combination of a world-class performer and a high-quality teacher. He has combined working as one of the lead acts in Cirque Du Soleil’s touring show Kurios with conducting Hand Balancing workshops around the world.

Refining the exercises and methods that until now have only been taught to world-class gymnasts or circus performers. His methods will help you unlock your potential and find your inner circus performer.

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Handstand Board Set

Train your handstand on any surface

$225.00 USD!


The perfect addition to your Handstand Training. The set enables you to take your Handstand training anywhere providing a stable even surface that will not only assist your balance but also help prevent injuries that can occur from training on a soft surface.

1 x Wooden Folding Handstand Board
2 x Wooden Handstand Blocks
1 x Carry Bag

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