Welcome to my upside down world


Our Beginner Handstand Program will help you start with all the elements to build a strong, technically sound, freestanding Handstand on two arms. Overcome your fear of being upside down by learning to enter and exit safely out of the Handstand.

Build confidence and develop a deeper connection with yourself. Explore your mind and body upside down.

This empowering program will teach you the correct techniques for achieving the ultimate entry Press to Handstand. You will improve your shoulder endurance and flexibility, increase pike and straddle compression and build bulletproof core strength.

Conquer fear and get upside down with confidence by mastering the top skills of Tuck, Straddle, Pike and Stadler Press to Handstand.

Mastering the art of One Arm Handstand is a powerful tool. You will learn the mechanics of this challenging skill using step-by-step progressions of the most effective strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility exercises used by Andrii in his training.

Come and discover what your body can achieve through commitment and dedicated practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

how quickly will i get access ?

Upon completion of sign up and payment, you will have instant access to the Handstand One Program.

Can I access on my mobile ?

The program is available across all of your devices. My program has been specifically designed to look great no matter what your viewing choice.

Is it for Beginners ?

The Online Programs has been designed to accommodate all levels of Handstand. Whether you are an experienced Hand balancer or just trying your first Handstand. With regressions and progressions, there is programming to take you from absolute beginner to advanced Handstand practitioner.

can i get personal coaching ?

For those people that are looking for more than just a program. The Ultimate Package contains access to the Handstand One Program + 10 hours of 1 on 1 Online Coaching. Total value is$1250 USD. This is the Ultimate Package to help you to reach your Handstand goals. What are you waiting for? Join me in the upside-down.


Peoples rate of progress through the program will be highly individual. Training background, previous handstand experience and starting strength and flexibility are all factors that will affect the rate of progress. Everybody’s journey is different but in general you will get out what you put into your training.

Is it a one-time payment

Yes, no monthly subscriptions, just a one-time payment that gives you full access to the program along with any future updates. We believe this is the best value Handstand Programs available anywhere. With over 140+ Exercise videos and tutorials, the program is packed with content. If you have ever wanted to learn Handstand this is the program for you.

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